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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 1, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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i'm damian trujillo live at the base of the santa cruz mountains where the wind forces who are than 24,000 people to be without power, coming up. >> new this morning, the b.a.r.t. board of directors just reached a decision whether they should have a policy in place that allows them to shut off cell phone service in b.a.r.t. stations. i'm christie smith with the story coming up. and a san francisco man nearly burned alive as flames ripped through an apartment building overnight. >> and we give you a live look at the white house this morning. with a red ribbon hanging on it, commemorating world a.i.d.s. day this thursday, december 1st, the
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news at 11:00 starts right now. good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. >> i'm jon kelley. this morning, the winder winds were so bad, the wind walloping trees whipping through neighborhoods and causing o outag outages. >> we've seen wind gusts blowing all over the area this morning. in the south bay, wind wrestled through leaves and street signs, even sending a tree toppling down on to a major stretch of road in san jose. >> right now, we have team coverage on this weather this morning. damian trujillo is live at the summit of the santa cruz mountains where more than 20,000 people without power. christina has a look what is going on throughout the bay area. >> those winds are still strong out there. sustained at 30 miles per hour in spom spots. but let's talk about the
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highlights so far. let me start out with this information. 150-mile-per-hour wind gusts recorded. high atop mammoth mountain. that's 11,000 feet. we are talking about dangerously gusty winds, mt. hamilton it, lick observatory, and 92 miles per hour wind gust was clocked. it is really windy out there. i was tongue tied because of it. half moon bay, take a look at some of our local areas that were gusting through. 51 miles per hour, 47 for oakland, same for los gatos. the winds are starting to relax but will continue to gust all the way through thro evening and expected to the substantially relax. 30 miles per hour sustained in fairfold, 21 miles per hour in livermore. so the sustained wind speeds will stay strong for the least to you hours. then it looks like we'll see an
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area of low pressure that is starting to drive the winds head off to the east. that's improvement for us that the advisories should expire right on time. it's still gusty out there. which brings us to damian at the summit of the and that cruz mountains. it doesn't look to be bad. from time to time, are you getting knocked around out there? >> reporter: it's windy and cold actually up here. we're at the base of the san tap cruz mountains. the crews are busy restoring power to the thousands who lost itover night. more than 24,000 people remain without power. the wind gusts caused major headaches for many people as treeses were no match for the strong winds. crews have been now for the last few hours picking up the mess. it's going to be a busy day for a few hours for pg&e. trying to bring power back to customers. people's alarm clocks probably didn't go off because of the
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power out ands at the region. we stopped by lexington reservoir, you can see the small white caps in there. the national weather service issued wind advisories for most of the bay area. drivers advised to keep both hands on the wheel to not control of the cars. big trucks especially vulnerable on the bridges. in los angeles, the wind was knocking down trees and power lines. 100-mile-per-hour winds reported. these gusts were not exclusive to the bay area. here are the outage numbers as of 10:00 a.m. today. 4800 customers are in the north bay. 310 are in the east bay. san francisco, zero power outages there. the peninsula has 2 0 customers without power and 1380 customers for south bay. 24,160 customers without power in santa cruz county. and alone in the entire bay area, that's 6800 customers.
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a lot of numbers to throw out at you, but again, a lot of customers without power. the last hour alone, we've seen about a dozen pg&e trucks making their way up highway 17. at the base of the santa cruz mountains, i'm damian trujillo. >> damian, be safe out there. two people are fighting for their lives and two others hurt after flames ripped through a san francisco apartment complex early this morning. firefighters worked for about an hour to put out the flames at the three-story building on 24th street near mission street. firefighters pulled one man from the building with severe burns over most of his body. another man who tried to jump from a window is also in critical condition. two women were treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters say flames tore through part of the roof, causing it to collapse. so far though, no word on the cause. this morning, b.a.r.t. tackling that controversial cell phone crackdown. today the board voting when and
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if it should ever turn off the service at any of its stations. christie smith has the latest on the controversial issue. >> good morning to you. a spokesman for b.a.r.t. just told me the b.a.r.t. board just gave this the go-ahead this morning. what it means is that they'll have a policy in place that allows had them to shut off cell service to stations under extraordinaire circumstances. they did this back in august and they had all sorts of groups crying foul saying it was a violation of their free speech rights. now, this morning, the board adopted this with some suggestions from the fcc to include that b.a.r.t. recognizes that communications are critical to the economy and democracy and should be preserved as much as possible. this goes back to august 11th when b.a.r.t. shut off cell service to four san francisco b.a.r.t. stations saying they were trying to preserve train service and safety when a protest was planned over b.a.r.t. police shootings but
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this blackout set off even more protests again over free speech. the policy says these circumstances mean there is a threat to people and property, and they do realize for critics, this will still be a bad idea. >> and we're going to be challenged by the public. we expect that. but our responsibility is to protect the safety. it's still being looked at from the federal communications commission position and, of course, whatever they end up coming up with we'll have to abide by. i think in the final analysis the position of the board is from a policy perspective is we want to end up making sure that the safety of the public, patrons and employees is insured. >> reporter: they gave a couple other examples of a real threat including a hostage situation or destroying property. the decision to plymouth a cut in cell service would still require procedures though to be put in place and approved by b.a.r.t.'s general manager.
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reporting live in oakland, i'm christie smith. back to you. >> no question, still plenty of chapters to be written in that one. in less than an hour it, occupy protests in san francisco may be forced to pack it in. police have given campers till noon to tear down their tents and move to a new site. so far protesters have refused to move, even refusing to set up camp as a city sanctioned site in the mission district. the occupy sf moment has been based in justin hermann plaza since september 17th. in santa cruz, protesters are stilled hold up in a vacant building there. police are trying to coax the occupy demonstrators out of the coast commercial bang building on water veet. last night about 30 officers tried to get inside but were blocked by protesters at the doors. the owner wants them removed for trespassing. officers are still trying to talk the protesters into
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leaving. csu trustees are canceling their meeting for monday over safety concerns due to protests. the trustees were set to meet in long beach about possible salary bumps for campus presidents. the board chairman says the decision comes after a turbulent meeting on september 16th when protesters rushed inside and shattered one window. the committee will reschedule discussions now for january 24th. the uc board made a similar move last month when it canceled a meeting after threats of violence and vandalism. still ahead, the activists who fought the revolution over in egypt may lose that country's landmark election. >> also, the crisis in syria. the death toll skyrockets as stability spirals out of control. and a failing grade. are california's kids too plump to play on tla ♪
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it has been nothing short of a long and passionate journey fighting the affliction of a.i.d.s., 30 years now. that is the white house this morning with a red ribbon hanging around it. it is world a.i.d.s. day today and the entire world reflecting back on this passionate type of process. it is 11:12 right now. bell, this morning, the islamic brotherhood is claiming victory during early voting in egypt's landmark parliamentary election. islamists say they're on track to win a dominant majority. it appears the party has taken 40% of the vote and is expected. the victory comes at the expense of liberal parties and youth activist who's set off the resolution that crippled the dictatorship of mubarak. analysts say it was poorly organized to compete with more conservative groups. this morning, the top human rights leader at the united nations says the death toll in
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syria's uprising is now much more than 4,000. the number comes one day before the u.n. holds an emergency meeting on the crisis in that country. thousands of people have taken to the streets of syria since march to protest the country's harsh dictatorship. syria's crock down on protesters has been condemned sbirmly. another day, another proposed. >> actually, we have new information now at 11:00. jurors just ten minutes away from releasing their verdict in the case against johannes mehserle. kenneth ca rethers had said mehserle was a threat at that point but right now, they falsely arrested, they say, ca rethers claims he was falsely arrested back in 2008. his attorney says a settlement of at least $1 million will send a message to police that use of excessive force will not be tolerated. mehserle had taken the stand in the civil trial and testified that ca rethers was unruly and
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he was afraid ca rethers would attack another officer. as soon as that verdict comes down, we'll bring that to you. >> another day, another proposed fix for california's broken budget. today the governor is expected to announce a multibillion dollar tax plan that leans on high earners and increases the state's sales tax by .5%. the plan would add an extra 1% tax on people who make more than $250,000 a year. people making between 300,000 and $500,000 a year would be attached an extra 1.5%. people making more than half a million dollars a year would be taxed an extra%. the governor says the hikes coupled with the sales tax increase could raise $7 billion. the biggest maker of games on facebook is reportedly going public in what could be the biggest internet ipo since google. zinga is seeking a valuation as high as $10 million. the company will reported raise
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about $900 million by selling shares at or $10 apiece. the ipo would make distincta the second largest game company in the country after activision blizzard incorporated. zengs is the company responsible for farpville and mafia wars. >> a new report out shows a third of school children here in california are let's just say too plump. according to the new physical fitness test, one out of three kids has so much body fat, they are considered high risk health problems at a very young age. the test measuring how well students perform in six areas including aerobics, upper body strength and flexibility. more than 1 million kids took the test and two out of three faced at least one of the tests. to be considered fit, a 5'6", 150g 15-year-old ninth grader would have to run one mile in mine minutes, do at least 16
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push-ups and do at least 24 situps. so you better step up to bring the goods if you want to stay in shape. we go from being fit into the fast food. burger king is jumping on the mcdonald's bandwagon. >> the burger king says it's getting around the ban on free toys on kids' meals by charging customers. burger kinging will charge customers 10 cents extra for the toys but unlike mcdonald's, burger king is not sure what they'll do with the money they collect. mcdonald's is using the money to build a ronald mcdonald's house at mission bay. the new ban on kids' meals toys goes into effect today. >> time to check back in with meteorologist christina loren to let us know what's happening out there. >> winds out of the north at 30 miles per hour sustained in places like fairfield. it's the east end of the bay area getting spaked the hardest.
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21 miles per hour in concord. and novato, you're not being spared either with sustained wind speed at 21 there. you can see the reason we have these strong northeastly winds is because of two air masses working against each other. high pressure the more dominant air masses driving the winds. what happens if you get that the clock wise fellow over high and low pressure, that counterclockwise flow, so the two are working against each other. the strong winds pump from land to sae but it's a warming wind. temperatures are down right comfortable. the strongest winds above 1,000 feet. bayside and the valley floor. 50-mile-per-hour gust certainly possible today. the interior valleys windy all day long. by 6:00 p.m., we'll see a gradual drop-off of the winds. it will still gust all night long through the hills. below right here on the valley floor and bayside.
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we didn't even reach temperatures this warm as our highs yesterday because of the fog for the morning hours. 64 in napa, 65 in oakland. later on today, we'll hit the 70s in san jose, gilroy, los gatos and fairfield. so the good news is the winds as quickly as they moved in will be blowing out as we head through tonight. tomorrow should be more on the calm side. we'll continue with the weather pattern all the way through your weekend. lots of sunshine. nights will be cold because it's so clear out there, we'll see a very, very cold night. frost is possible. it's been rather dry. we're not expecting much. the agricultural areas where the sprinklers get left on, that's where we could see frost in the morning. overall the pattern significantly changes as of tomorrow. we'll be done with the dense fog and intense wind. >> feels like winter is fast upon us. >> it is here. >> if you're looking for that special someone and having trouble breaking the ice, why not stop by san francisco tonight in. >> kind of the perfect mix, a
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match made in heaven. the ice rink combining speed skating with speed dating. right? tonight at 8:00, the rink hosting a speed skating dating event on the ice. singles. yes, getting a chance to skate around and mingle with other people. how about this. olympic medalist brian boitano will be there be to handshake and meet couples and sign autographs and play kind of like a skating version of chuck woolery. >> you said 8:00? >> okay, good. >> check it out, huh? get your skates. coming up, they're taking the gloves off their hands and putting rings on them. >> two of the giants' most eligible bachelors, they're off market. >> and been kidnapping concerns force pablo sandoval to cancel a visit his hometown. >> plus, fourth and goal. lebron james ditching the high tops and lacing up the cleats out on the football field. >> to join the discussion, check
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us out on facebook please. search nbc bay area. it's simple. we don't bite. the. >> that is a live shot right now of oakland. beautiful day out there. kind of windy though. watch yourself when you're running around. don't want want to have the car swerving. just be careful. we will be back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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asking pablo sandoval to cancel his upcoming trip to venezuela. there was speculation the team would cancel the trip following the recent kidnapping of nationals catcher wilson ramos. he was held hostage for more than two days in venezuela before he was rescued. sandoval is scheduled to leave december 10th to play in ten games in his home two. he says he'll make a decision on his travel plans sometime this week. it's been announced the nba lockout is over but a few owners no doubt holding their draeth as their top stars went head to head last night on the turf. we'll show you what we mean. lebron james scoring off against oakland city thunder star kevin durant. james taking the touch down long distance in his hometown at the university of akron. ohio. night didn't go off without a little controversy. james, when his team won the game, he does his best steve johnson impersonation for the now infamous touch down dance,
11:24 am
acting like he shot himself in the leg. johnson did that. he was kind of mocking plaxico burress who played with the giants at the time during last week's nfl game between the giants and the jets. if you recall, burris, of course, went to jail when he shot himself in the leg with a gun he shouldn't have had. >> still ahead, sorry, ladies. not one but two of the giants' most eligible bachelors are saying i do. ot'lahust eal d.ho knot just ahead. kn
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we have a b.a.r.t. service alert to tell you about in hayward affecting bay fair and fremont riders. >> there is a fallen tree near the hayward station and no service between bay fair and fremont. check the b.a.r.t. website before you head out this morning. >> a final check on weather, christina. >>? >> the winds will calm down through the overnight hours, the wee hours of tomorrow morning. we'll have to deal with another six to ten hours of windy conditions can across the bay
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area. the worst wind will be in elevations above 1,00 feet. 50-mile-per-hour gusts. definitely continuing throughout the1, day. the interior valleysth breezy t windy conditions. by 6:00 p.m. we should see some of the wind advisories expire at least on the valley floor. we might have to keep a couple in effect for the higher elevations. by tomorrow, that breeze relaxes. 64 degrees. that's the good news. now, i hear you have bad news for me, huh? >> you and me both. >> i'll ask you this. you two say hearst are breaking all over the bay area on this one? >> i this i so. >> one of the giants most eligible burglars taking himself off the market. >> barry zito is tying the knot this weekend in the bay area. the bride to be. >> i'm disappointed. >> the bride to be is former miss missouri, amber sigher. the couple is not saying where they're tying the knot but picked up their license in marin county a couple weeks ago. he has been linked to alyssa
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milano and paris hilton. >> zito not the only burglar tying the knot. giants outfielder anita schierholtz will soon marry his long time girlfriend, as well. >> thanks so much for being with us. join us tonight.
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